About Us

  • Quality and on time Performance of contract is the nature we witnessed whenever we contract Arulanandh Granite for our hospital granite work. They have done more than two lakhs sqft area so far in our hospitals that stands for ever as their landmark work

  • Antow has done lots of flooring, wall cladding and grotto work for us in our factory and home. He is very efficient, reliable and supply the best quality materials always

  • We are buying our regular requirements granite and granite products from Arulanandh Granits, Kalkurichy, Thuckalay. They are selling quality materials for reasonable price and the verities they sell are not at all available even in Bangalore. They also have very good team of people to work and they perform job contracts with full punctuality and cost effectiveness and their finish is outstanding

  • We purchased lots of granite and granite products from Antow apart from giving contract to them for flooring, wall cladding and tombs for the last 15 years. Nowhere had we experienced any displeasure in their Supply Contract and Job Contract during their long tenure of 12 years with us for this job.